2020 Breeding Calendar


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We will collect MONDAY - WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY.

Due to the shipping issues with the airport all semen orders will need to be farm pickup or FedEx.  We will do our best to search for flights but no guarantee we can get outgoing flights.

Louisiana Center for Equine Reproduction offers many advanced services and technologies to the equine industry, including ICSI and Embryo Vitrification. Another advanced procedure that can offer an opportunity to owners is harvesting the eggs of a recently deceased mare. If a mare dies unexpectedly or if a mare must be euthanized, the owner can still raise a foal from that mare by harvesting her oocytes immediately following her death.
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Dr. Cramer began working with horses on his family farm in Robert's Cove, LA. He finished veterinary school at Louisiana State University in 2002. His clinical interest is the fascinating area of specialized reproduction techniques. He has extensive additional training in stallion semen preservation, artificial insemination and embryo transfer.
"I highly recommend them! They were very accommodating, easy to work with and they kept me updated weekly on my mare. Best of all, they were able to get my 19 yr. old mare in foal with a half dose of frozen semen on the first try. She had been open for a year, and never before bred via frozen semen. I will definitely use this facility again!" - Neenah Thomas

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